Do I have to have a business to rent a warehouse?

No, while the majority of our clients are small businesses, it is not a requirement. We do rent to individuals as well.

Do I have to be there to receive my shipments?

No, we have personnel on site M-F to receive any shipments or deliveries that arrive. We will sign for them, lock them into your unit and notify you that they have arrived.

When can I access my warehouse unit?

We prefer access be between 7am and 7pm, but we can get you 24/7 access if required.

Do you have handling equipment we can use to move our pallets around?

Yes, we have pallet jacks and carts available for you to use when needed. We also have a forklift that we can use when you have heavy pallets to move.

Can I use my warehouse unit to assemble and package my products and shipments?

Yes, you may manipulate your products.  You may bring personnel in to work inside your unit to prepare shipments.

What can I not do inside my warehouse unit?


We don’t allow activities that produce a lot of noise or dust and debris.  You may use cordless power tools, but not large saws or welding equipment.

Is there wifi in the warehouse?

Yes, free wifi is included.

Do you have docks for unloading semi trailers?

Yes, we have multiple docks for loading trucks. We also have grade level doors for loading vehicles.

Does each warehouse unit have an office?

No, the warehouse units are warehouse space only.  However we do have separate offices available for rent.

What length of term do you require?

Our warehouse rentals are on month to month contracts.  We do have a minimum stay of 2 months and we require a one month deposit.

What payment options do you offer?

We invoice you monthly.  From the invoice you may pay via cash, check, ACH or credit card.

When is my monthly rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month.  Late fees start accruing if payment is not received by the 5th.

Can I bring clients into the warehouse to make a purchase?

If you need to meet a client at Warehouses Plus every once and a while, that is fine.  However we are not set up to be a retail store front for your business.

May I receive mail at the warehouse?

Yes, you may have mail addressed to the warehouse.  We distribute mail to clients daily.

What is the smallest size rental unit you have?

We have a couple smaller units, but most units start at 600 sq ft. Click here to view our floorplan.

What if my rental unit is full but I need to receive more pallets?

We have an overflow bulk storage area where we can store extra pallets for you on a per pallet rate.

Are warehouse rental units the only storage option you have?

No, we have bulk storage as well, where we can store pallets or misc items which are being stored long term.  This area is charged per pallet or per sq ft.