Business Suites are our most flexible offering. Ranging from 350 to 3500sf, they can be used for anything from simple storage space up to a daily operations facility for multiple employees. With year round climate control you can feel comfortable that your items are at safe temperatures and you can be comfortable while working in the spaces.

Business Suites

Think Outside of the Office Building

The Smart Solution for Your Office Space Needs

Walls & Doors

Each Suite has 10′ high walls and an 8×8′ door for moving pallets and large items in and out.


Coded Locks

Each Suite has an electronic coded lock so you don’t have to worry about forgetting keys. Codes can be changed at any time by our staff, to give you peace of mind.


Climate controlled, and with electricity in each Suite, you’re free to set up desks for an office, collaborate with coworkers, build products, pick and pack customer orders or an array of other activities.

Securely Receive Packages and Inventory

Our Business Suites are a great choice for e-commerce businesses who receive pallets of inventory and process outgoing shipments.

  • FedEx, UPS, USPS and common LTL carriers drop off and pick up five days a week.
  • Our staff is on hand M-F to assist with all of your shipping and receiving needs.
  • We move pallets and heavy items to and from the docks to your suites free of charge.
  • When we receive a shipment for you you’ll get an email notification with pictures and tracking
    numbers and we’ll place the items in your suite so they are waiting for you next time you arrive.