Why You Should Choose Warehouse Storage in 2019

The Dilemmas

If you’re a frequent traveler or have been living abroad, you will understand the dilemma you face on where to put your things while you’re not in your home country. You may have lots of things and don’t know where to store them or just started up a business and need a place to expand your production. Here at Warehouses Plus, we can design anything from a small warehouse unit to a big warehouse unit to fit your custom size requirements. You can view the unit sizes and locations of our floor plan here.

Why You Should Choose Warehouse Storage in 2019

The Perks of Warehouse Storage

Perhaps you run a business and are now trying to find the best place to take inventory. Or you have personal items that you want to keep but need a  storage unit that won’t break your bank. We customize unit sizes based on your need, so for example, if you have a piano that you need to fit into a storage unit, we can customize the unit size to fit your piano size. We are here to solve your storage problems by offering better prices for bigger units. We offer units that range from 600 square feet to 6,000 square feet, so we are confident we have a solution for every storage need. We do our best to relieve the stress of moving your goods in and out of our storage units. Our common dock area, specially designed for loading and unloading your goods, is equipped with 8 dock high bays. We also provide pallet jacks and carts for your use, making the movement of your products as smooth as possible. Unlike most self-storage units, we provide on-site wifi for your convenience as well as staff members during the week to receive any shipments or deliveries. You can also utilize your warehouse as a place where you can bring in personnel to assemble and package any products or shipments you have.

Just think about how having reliable warehouse storage would increase your employee productivity as well as having a good grasp of an organized inventory this new year.

If you are interested in finding the perfect storage place, contact us here to get a free quote!

Warehousing Provides Opportunities for Business Growth

If you are like most small businesses, your commercial retail or office rental space is expensive. This makes it difficult to keep inventory on hand or have back up materials stored at your onsite facility. As a small company looking to for business growth, it also makes it difficult to take on new stock or expand your inventory. Here are three reasons why renting space at Warehouse Plus will save you money over time as you grow your business.

Warehousing Provides Opportunities for Business Growth

Buy in Bulk. If you are like most businesses, buying in bulk saves you money and time. By ordering large shipments and storing them, you are most likely saving on the price per unit as well as any shipping charges incurred. You can have your items delivered directly to us at Warehouse Plus. We allow you access 24/7 making it easy to pick up your items at any time that is convenient for you.

Growth Opportunity. If you are a small business looking to expand but you aren’t ready to make the leap into a long-term lease, we have you covered. Rent warehouse space by the month and move to a larger unit as your business expands. No costly long-term rental agreements, only rent what you need.

Manage Your Growth. Running a small business is not like running a business with large amounts of deliveries and shipments. We can help you manage your inventory by becoming your distribution partner both locally and long distance. From making local deliveries in the DFW area to offloading shipping containers, we have you covered.

If you are a small business looking to make the leap, contact us. We can help manage your inventory and provide distribution services. Don’t let the high rent on your retail or office space hinder your business growth, let Warehouse Plus help you grow into the business you were meant to be.