4 Tips for Choosing a Storage Warehouse

Choosing the right storage warehouse for your business will come down to three things: budget, location, and availability. However, there is another aspect that many companies forget to consider. That aspect is add-on services. While you might think you just need a place to store inventory, there are many things that can help boost efficiency. By partnering with a warehouse that offers value-added services, your company will enjoy added flexibility and increased productivity. Here are four tips to guide you in selecting a storage warehouse that meets your needs.

4 Tips for Choosing a Storage Warehouse

Tip #1: Discuss Your Company’s Needs

On the surface, every warehouse is able to provide the same thing: storage. If you literally just need a place to store product, any warehouse might do. The fact is, though, you’re a business. That means you need to be moving inventory constantly. Your warehouse needs to help you achieve that goal.

Inventory management and distribution services are two valuable things to look for in your warehouse. These services will help you move inventory more efficiently. Comparing the availability and cost of these services is a must when choosing between multiple warehouses. Look for one with a proven track record for consistently delivering these services to clients.

Tip #2: Look At The Location

No matter how good a warehouse is, its location is something you can’t change. Strategically locating your warehouses is a smart business move. Therefore, you need to consider how close a warehouse is to your nearest production facility. If location is not thought through, it will cost your business big time.

Every time a pallet gets shipped in or goes out, the warehouse’s location will impact how much you pay. In turn, that will impact your profits. Always carefully analyze the location of any warehouse you are considering. Choose a central location that makes sense for your business.

Tip #3: Consider Affordability

As with everything in the world of business, you have a budget when it comes to warehouse services. This budget is likely to change overtime as your storage needs grow. However, you need to know what you can afford today. This will enable you to get started with a warehouse that meets your current business needs.

Tip #4: Consider Scalability

Many companies over-estimate just how much space they need when selecting a warehouse. Ideally, your company should enter into a warehouse agreement with just enough space reserved for you. You should not have to pay for a lot of excess space up-front.

If you anticipate growth in your company, the warehouse you choose should have the willingness and capacity to scale with you. Discuss how the costs will change as your company’s needs increase. This will protect you from surprise fees down the road as your company requests more warehouse space.

Partnering with the right warehouse is a key business move. Warehouses Plus can provide your company with the resources and services you need to grow. Learn more here.

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