Three Reasons Why Your Daycare Needs a Storage Unit

When you run a daycare, everything has to be safe and minimal. Small, swallow-able bits and pieces need to stay far away from infants. Anything that can be climbed or jumped on needs to be far away from the kids in the after-school program and the toddlers. But the burden of shifting your daycare’s supplies from room to room is just the start of how a storage unit can help. Here are three ways to get immediate value out of even a small storage space:

Three Reasons Why Your Daycare Needs a Storage Unit

1. Keep confidential paperwork out of the building.

Depending on the state and county you live in, you might have to keep paper records of all of your customers. You might even have to keep them for a set number of years once they leave. The same is often true for all of your employees’ paperwork. That makes your building a potentially tempting target for data thieves. Solve the vulnerability by storing the data offsite and keeping your building clear of all but one small file cabinet.

2. Stow seasonal supplies out of sight.

If your center has holiday programs, you’re going to have a lot of craft supplies and decorations that you just can’t use the majority of the year. You can’t store them in the building without someone catching an ill-timed glimpse of Santa Claus four months out of date, and they’re usually too pricey to get rid of.

Also, summer toys and winter toys take up a lot of space. Clear out your closets and shift everything you don’t need to storage so you can switch it out in a few months and enjoy the extra space.

3. Buy in bulk.

Daycare centers have tight margins. You can’t raise the rates too high, but you know your staff deserves more than the minimum wage. Save where you can buy ordering in bulk and then stowing the extras in your unit.

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