3 Reasons to Get Distribution Services Through Your Warehouse

Shifting your excess inventory to a storage space is a good idea. Making that warehouse a regular part of your storage procedures is even better. Setting up shipping from your vendor straight to your local storage makes it perfect. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Get Distribution Services Through Your Warehouse

1. Avoid time-consuming trips back and forth.


If you have a warehouse to support your local business, offsite inventory can keep your store accessible and organized. But if you have the inventory shipped to your store first, that leaves you driving it back and forth between your store and your warehouse.

Instead of adding those miles to your business expenses, just have your inventory shipped straight to storage. You can still ensure it’s exactly where you need it by the time you need it.

2. Maintain a consistent supply chain to limit your liability.

The more hands your products pass through, the more opportunities they have to break. So reduce the number of times your goods get shipped, delivered, and reshipped. Professional deliverers and distribution managers know how to load and unload orders to minimize any risk of damage. Your employees probably don’t have as much experience.

Taking this step doesn’t just limit your liability for broken goods. Asking your employees to use their personal vehicles to drop something off at the warehouse, or doing it yourself, is asking for a commercial insurance or legal liability nightmare.

3. Manage your business remotely.

Once your business has gone from start-up to success, you might not want to hold tight to the reins anymore. There are a lot of different ways to retain ownership but have a hands-off approach to businesses these days. Shipping your inventory straight to your local storage is a great tool to keep everything running, especially if you aren’t living locally anymore.

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