Does Your HOA Let You Run Your Business Out of Your Home?

There’s nothing like running a small business right out of your home. The added convenience means you can work on your business whenever you have an extra moment, and you can cut down on your commute. But your neighborhood might have rules against your company being based in your home. Here are three common restrictions and how a warehouse space can help:

Does Your HOA Let You Run Your Business Out of Your Home?

1. Do you perform a mechanical service at home?

There are lots of businesses that you can theoretically run out of your garage. Services like appliance repair and car repair are two popular examples. But neighborhood groups and HOAs will often impose bans against these businesses. They don’t want extra vehicles lining the road or chemical stains in the driveway. So look for rental spaces that you can work in instead.

2. Will you be using commercial vehicles?

Even though the rule might not be written in stone, you and your neighbors have informal expectations about who can park where. During special occasions, the common areas might be temporarily overtaken. But regular use of spots for too many days in a row could be forbidden. If any part of your business requires a semi-truck or oversized vehicle, those might also be banned from your neighborhood by city ordinance.

3. How big is your inventory?

One of the hardest parts of running a business out of your home is having enough room for everything. If you sell small products, you might be able to keep everything organized in your home and garage. But if you need a lot of space for bulky items like landscaping products or mechanical parts, you might not be allowed to store them outside.

A strict HOA shouldn’t ruin your plans of running your own business. Go to Warehouses Plus for the extra space to run your company and store your inventory.

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