Mini Warehouse Storage Keeps Your Employees Safe

Employee safety is an important concern whether you operate a giant warehouse or you’re looking for mini warehouse storage. Renting a small warehouse can be surprisingly affordable, and it will be a lot safer than trying to operate out of a space not designed for storing and managing merchandise.

Mini Warehouse Storage Keeps Your Employees Safe

Choose the Proper Size Warehouse: Safety starts with making sure your warehouse is the right size for your needs. If it’s too small, your employees will be overcrowded. If it’s too big, it may be difficult to apply good design and ergonomic principles. At Warehouses Plus, we offer units from 600 square feet to 6,000 square feet so you’ll find just what you need.

Equip and Organize for Safety: Pallets, shelves and other storage devices must be strong enough to handle the merchandise you have in mind and durable enough to withstand wear and tear over time. Your employees also need to understand how to stack, store, and retrieve items in a way that will minimize the risk of accidents to themselves and your property. For example, aisles should be kept clear and shelves shouldn’t be overloaded. Eliminating clutter reduces the chance of slips and falls, and good design can help protect employees from repetitive motions and dangerous lifting movements, as well as the possibility of products tumbling down and striking them.

Other Safety Considerations: Good lighting and ventilation are also essential, as well as emergency safety plans so employees know what to do in case of fire, extreme weather, and other events. Sound action plans protect first responders as well as your staff.

Renting mini warehouse storage is a smart decision for keeping your employees safe and your business profitable. If you’re in the DFW area, contact us at Warehouses Plus. We’re proud to offer safe and hassle-free storage solutions for our customers of every size.

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