Self Storage vs Warehouse Storage

Many small business owners find that they are in direct competition with giant retailers and major corporations. Marketing tools and the internet can give even the most modest company the appearance of being big but one challenge growing businesses often face is a lack of storage and warehousing space. Warehouses Plus has storage solutions that will fit the needs and requirements of any growing business.

Self Storage vs Warehouse Storage

Self Storage

Self-storage facilities rent space in a secure facility to individuals and businesses for the storage or warehousing of products or possessions. Self-storage facilities are popular because they provide additional space with 24-hour access allowing the renter to come and go as necessary. Warehouses Plus has self-storage space available to fill the needs of any business, with short-term month-to-month rentals of units as small as 600 square feet or as large as 6000 square feet.

Warehouse Storage

Warehousing is storing goods with the intent of selling or distributing them at a later date. Many small businesses begin their warehousing in a basement or spare room and soon outgrow the space. Warehouse Storage provides short term and long term storage solutions for enterprises of all sizes and stages of growth.

Complete Solutions

Warehouses Plus provides total self-storage and warehouse storage services to fill the needs of any business. An 86,000 square foot facility offers the ability to store and warehouse a few pallets to a few hundred pallets of nearly any item, paying only for the amount of space used each month.

The facility at Warehouses Plus includes a shared eight-bay dock making loading and unloading easy. Pallet jacks and carts are provided to facilitate the moving of products including large handling equipment for heavy or oversized items. The logistics experts at Warehouses Plus offer a complete solution for storage and warehousing by also extending inventory management and distribution services

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