Mini Warehouse Storage Keeps Your Employees Safe

Employee safety is an important concern whether you operate a giant warehouse or you’re looking for mini warehouse storage. Renting a small warehouse can be surprisingly affordable, and it will be a lot safer than trying to operate out of a space not designed for storing and managing merchandise.

Mini Warehouse Storage Keeps Your Employees Safe

Choose the Proper Size Warehouse: Safety starts with making sure your warehouse is the right size for your needs. If it’s too small, your employees will be overcrowded. If it’s too big, it may be difficult to apply good design and ergonomic principles. At Warehouses Plus, we offer units from 600 square feet to 6,000 square feet so you’ll find just what you need.

Equip and Organize for Safety: Pallets, shelves and other storage devices must be strong enough to handle the merchandise you have in mind and durable enough to withstand wear and tear over time. Your employees also need to understand how to stack, store, and retrieve items in a way that will minimize the risk of accidents to themselves and your property. For example, aisles should be kept clear and shelves shouldn’t be overloaded. Eliminating clutter reduces the chance of slips and falls, and good design can help protect employees from repetitive motions and dangerous lifting movements, as well as the possibility of products tumbling down and striking them.

Other Safety Considerations: Good lighting and ventilation are also essential, as well as emergency safety plans so employees know what to do in case of fire, extreme weather, and other events. Sound action plans protect first responders as well as your staff.

Renting mini warehouse storage is a smart decision for keeping your employees safe and your business profitable. If you’re in the DFW area, contact us at Warehouses Plus. We’re proud to offer safe and hassle-free storage solutions for our customers of every size.

3 Reasons to Store Your Summer Business Tools Away for Winter

Seasonal businesses need seasonal tools. But if you own your own assets, you need a plan. Renting works well enough for specialty tools that you only need once in a blue moon, but, after a while, it becomes more economical to hold onto universal equipment. Whether you have a landscaping business, a photography studio, or a carpentry company, renting space to stow away those seasonal tools is a good investment. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Store Your Summer Business Tools Away for Winter

1. Winter weather can damage your equipment.

Even if your business uses tools that are built to last in the outdoors, leaving them outside through the winter wears them out faster. They can start to rust or be corroded by road salt. Strong winds can also damage them or knock them together. If you don’t have plenty of space to store them safely inside, temporarily rent a location that can hold them for you.

2. Limit your liability.

Damage is expensive. If you have to replace or repair your business equipment because it’s been broken, stolen, or lost, those costs add up. Even qualified costs can raise your commercial insurance premiums.

But a seasonal storage warehouse keeps them secured against both weather and would-be criminals. If your seasonal equipment needs a more fine-tuned environment, look for warehouses with climate control options.

3. Save your work space for current work tools.

Clutter isn’t just bad for business. Visible untidiness can raise your stress level and lower your production. Instead of trying to stow seasonal tools out of sight, take them off-site entirely. Give your office or your work space the room you need to handle your current jobs instead of using the space for storage, too.

If you have seasonal equipment and you don’t want it cluttering up your office or your garage, go to Warehouses Plus. We have the extra space you need.

Use Mini-Storage for Your Dropshipping

If you want to start your own business, the Internet is a great place to start. Many major vendors such as eBay and Amazon are even encouraging the trend by making it easier and easier to join their programs and use their site as an interface to find new customers. Once business starts to pick up, make the transition to a mini-warehouse instead of using your home. Here are three reasons why:

Use Mini-Storage for Your Dropshipping

1. Make sure your ordered inventory stays safe.

The last thing you want is bad reviews, and having merchandise with a bit of wear is one of the easiest ways to get both low stars and a return. Even scuffed packaging can impact your reputation. Having a closed office in your house or a section of your garage for your business inventory might not be enough to ensure its good condition, especially if you have a busy household or pets. But a separate storage space guarantees quality storage, climate control, and protection from damage.

2. Separate your home and business expenses for tax purposes.

Organizing your business taxes can be a stressful experience, especially during your first few years of doing business. Differentiating between business expenses and business-related expenses is hard, and even a slight stumble or two can land you on a shortlist for an audit. The best way to operate is with clarity. Use a dedicated business space instead of a home office that is occasionally used for personal administration or, even worse, an office that is only partially used for business. Some home business aspects of tax breaks and exemptions are a bit murky, so removing the issue entirely can help you organize your business.

3. Have fast responses with good organization.

Once you get an order, you need to get it out the door quickly. Over time, you’ll notice that certain items are ordered more frequently, or that certain products are almost always matched with others. A small warehouse space lets you organize your inventory for quick packing.

For more reasons to look into renting a mini-warehouse for your growing business, go to Warehouses Plus.

Personal Sized Storage Areas

When you need extra storage, where is the first place you think to go? You probably think of going to a typical self storage unit. We would encourage you to rethink that. Here at Warehouses Plus, we offer a better alternative – for less.

Personal Sized Storage Areas

Mini Storage

Have you looked into leasing a storage unit, only to find out that you have to sign a contract for more than the amount of space you need, for longer than the time you need it? Instead of having to pay for a whole storage unit and sign a six month lease for it, come see us! At Warehouses Plus, we give you the option of personalizing the amount of space you need when all you have is a small number of items that need to be stored. And we offer month to month rentals instead of six month leases. In our warehouses we offer as much or as little storage as you need. Whether you are a startup business or an individual, we will provide a smaller space for you.

We can customize your rental space from the size of a single pallet, to about 6000 square feet. If you would like to see the space we offer, you could call us and schedule a time to look at it in person, or you can look online at our floor plan  from the comfort of your own home.

Not only do we offer variable spaces, but we also provide eight high loading docks, carts, and pallet jacks for your use. You can come as often as you need or want, and if you decide that you need more space we can arrange that too! We do our best to make your storage experience the best experience you could ever ask for.

So when you are ready to move your items into storage, contact us! Our staff is ready to make the move in process as easy for you as we can.